25 Things About Kevin

1. I was born in Portland Oregon.

2. My favorite TV show is the Office.

3. My biggest athletic accomplishment was completing an Ironman.

4. My craziest race was 22.3 mile trail marathon in Malibu California on a 90 degree day.

5. If I could only have one meal it would be Sushi and Steak.

6. Words to live by: “You are more capable that you think you are”

7. I have been a native Floridan since 2014.

8. I earned my first Personal Training certification in 2009.

9. My first client was a 13 year girl named Alexa. She lost over 10 pounds.

10. I have 4 Personal Training Certifications through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), International Sports Science Association (ISSA), &
National Federation of Personal Trainers (NFPT).

11. I love straight lines and the number 4.

12. I’ve visited 42 states and 7 countries.

13. I love trying new coffee.

14. I’ve climbed 4 mountains over 12,000 feet.

15. And ice-climbed over 200 vertical feet.

16. I’ve seen the movie Tommy Boy more than 300 times.

17. I’m the full time director of a Young adult ministry at Iglesia La Roca.

18. I love lifting weights, running, cycling, anything outdoors

20. I’ve played guitar for 15 year and record 4 albums.

21. The aspect I enjoy the most about being a trainer seeing clients small goals become big dreams.

22. Ankle socks Only.

23. Before I die I will ride a section of the Tour de France.

24. I prefer sitting over standing.

25. I’ve been known to take wheat-grass shots and try unusual proteins.

Kevin Dietmeyer is a Certified Personal Trainer with JustinFit In-Home Personal Training. Kevin is a results driven professional with nearly a decade of experience.

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