The Questions People Ask Us

How long are the sessions?
Our sessions are 60 minutes long.
How many days a week do I see my coach?
We see our clients 1, 2, or 3 days per week, depending on their availability and budget. However, our program is fully supportive, and we are in touch with our clients daily.
What about equipment?
Our trainers each have a set of portable, innovative fitness equipment that we bring to every session.
Don’t you need gym equipment?
You really don’t. You don’t want a trainer to stand next to you while you do slow, boring cardio on a treadmill or elliptical followed by a few standard strength machines. Instead, our trainers will teach you how to safely and effectively exercise using your body in 4D.
How much does your program cost?
Check out our pricing: Click here
Can my family join in our session?
Absolutely! Your family is welcome to join in our sessions at no extra charge.
How many clients does each personal trainer supervise?
We limit the number of clients each coach supervises to 10. This way, we know that we can deliver as much personal attention as necessary to each client.
Who are your typical clients?
Each one of our coaches are experienced with working with a variety of clients. We work with children, teenagers, young and middle-aged professionals, athletes, active agers, and special needs populations. Contact us, and we will match you up with the best coach for your goals and needs.
What are your personal trainer’s credentials?
Our personal trainers have extensive credentials. Ranging from a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science to NCCA National Recognized Certifications. All of our personal trainers are also fully insured.
What is your approach to Nutrition Coaching?
When most people want to lose weight, they decide to go on a diet. Big mistake. At JustinFit, our approach is completely different. We focus on “baby steps” – making small but effective and lasting changes over time. Read more
Do you work with beginners?
Absolutely, we love working with beginners. Actually, the majority of our clients are people who are not currently exercising – for some of them; it’s been decades. Many of our clients are people who have never exercised in their life.
Is this a weight loss program?
We are not a weight loss program or weight loss center. Rather, we focus on a holistic and sustainable approach to living a healthier lifestyle. Practically every one of our clients will lose fat, gain muscle, become more flexible, have more energy, sleep better, and feel younger and healthier.
How do I get started?
give Justin a call at (954) 802-4071 or contact us.


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