27 Sure-Fire Tips To Curb Late-Night Eating – From Our Facebook Friends

Why late-night eating is a problem:

Studies tend to show that when food is consumed late at night — anywhere from after dinner to outside a person’s typical sleep/wake cycle — the body is more likely to store those calories as fat and gain weight rather than burn it as energy, says Kelly Allison of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine’s Center for Weight and Eating Disorders. – Source

Recently I posted on my Facebook page:

“I’m asking for a client … what are your best tips to prevent late night eating?”

I was beyond grateful for the 121+ comments I received. Since there were so many excellent tips I wanted to share them with you.

Here are the top comments:

Ask your client. S/he fully knows the answer that’s right for him/her, down deep. The noise, distractions and lack of focus lead him/her to believe s/he doesn’t, but with turning down the inner noise with “mindful” practice, your client will be able to answer the question. Giving behavioral change“tips” for to a client is like telling a “tantrumming” child to “stop.” ~ Dr. Michael Mantell 

Avoid skipping meals during the day! Inadequate caloric intake is a recipe for late night snacking and binging. Daily meals should include a good mix of carbs, protein and fat. Both protein and fat promote satiety. ~ Suzi Fisher RD

If it’s an emotional eating problem (which is often overlooked), instead of snacking, try meditating or journaling to see if the urge to eat stems from wanting to anesthetize a feeling. If so, try to feel instead of eat. ~ Joy Keller 

Chia seed pudding, calories but full of fiber and healthy fats. I use 2 tbls chia, soaked in coconut h20 (fresh is so good! Soak 10-20 min, they expand), 2 tbls cacao powder, 2 dates, 2 full droppers of liquid stevia, sometimes I’ll throw in 1/2 avocado for thick textures. This batch serves 2-3 of us every night w detox tea. Marisa Erin Silverman

I have that problem. Some of it is stress and meditation before bed helps. Others have told me that my liver could influence late night cravings. Not sure how but they said it could influence the insomnia. I started detoxing more w infared sauna and liver cleanses. It worked well for a while. Then I got all messed up again. Neil J Denaut II

I think sleep is highly underrated and the cure for many ailments. But I know it’s not always an option. My other advice is to find an optimal dinner time. If dinner is too early and bedtime too late I’m more likely to need “4th” meal. Hope that helps! ~ Rebekah Lee Pridmore

Don’t keep anything in the house that will tempt you. Jonathan Marvasti

Frozen mixed berries, I know it is eating but healthy. I use a 1 cup measuring cup and that is it. Because they are frozen you really eat them one at a time. Lori Halpern Drock

Brush your teeth after dinner Susan Matthews

There is an app called Zero that has helped hold me accountable. Thomas Robert Burket

I think you can avoid late night eating by having a routine of eating frequent meals during the day so you are less likely to eat late at night. ~ Tom Bowler, CSCS

If you do a protein pacing you won’t be hungry. I do 4 meals with about 25 grams of protein and about 18 at bedtime. Tiffany Masson

Bedtime tea – calm you down because usually is a bit of anxiety why you want to eat at night. Talia Fernandez

Don’t watch TV. Mindless eating out of habit and boredom. Jackie Seedman

How about drinking a glass of water….sometimes I think I’m hungry but I’m actually thirsty. Claudia Kerzner

Tea/sex/read a book/ watch a movie/ eat something healthy and small/ take a bath/ talk to a friend/ write in your journal/ meditate/ cave in at times and be a little bad for balance. Ifat Kent

Drink a cup of tea, brush your teeth, 2 minutes meditation of reasons you want to be healthy. Shari Herrington

Eat an apple the crunching makes me over any cravings! Lol Krysten Herrera-Fantigrassi  

Have a healthy late night snack ! I never deprive myself if I have a craving. I think it’s totally within reason to want a small bite of something late at night. I love chocolate especially late at night BUT instead I’ll make myself something like strawberries dipped in a tiny bit (teaspoon) of Nutella to satisfy my craving or dark chocolate covered almonds. Or my all time fave….toasted Ezekiel bread with sun-butter, honey & walnuts. All healthy(ish) lol, delicious and satisfies the craving. Natalie Apel

Find a flavor of tea that makes you happy. I highly recommend “winter” or “harvest blend herbal” from Trader Joe’s, or “throat coat” by traditional medicinals. ~ Becca Sharim Storace

Drink water, brush teeth again, chew gum ~ Angela Shelton McDuffie

I eat carrots and hummus. 10 carrots 2 tbs hummus. ~ Michelle Messina

Just say no! ~ Vince van der Steeg
Drink hot green tea ~ Julie Fassberg 
Drink water ~ Yogita Castañeda
Hot cup of tea! ~ Laura Goodman
Stay away from. Kitchen and brush teeth. Works for me. ~ Regina Franco Murphey

By: Justin A. Seedman BS, CPT, CHC

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