Our Approach to Nutrition Coaching

When most people want to lose weight, they decide to go on a diet. Big mistake.

What this usually means is that they completely overhaul their eating habits and change everything all at once. They put themselves on complete restriction and say “no” to everything. You’ve definitely heard it before…”I can’t…I’m on a diet.”

Radical changes and extremes are good for fast, but…and here’s the important part, temporary results. The real problem is that no one can sustain this approach. Practically everyone will revert back to their old habits, the weight will come back and they’ll be right back where they started – stuck in the yo-yo dieting trap.

At JustinFit, our approach is completely different. We focus on “baby steps” – making small, effective, and lasting changes over time.

We start by eliminating one unhealthy thing at a time. Each week we will identify what you are eating that has the lowest nutritional value and work on a systematic approach to reduce or even eliminate it altogether. At the same time, we will add one new healthy item to your grocery list. Our coaches will help sign you up for MyFitnessPal, an app that helps keep track of your meals, as well as connect with you to review your progress.

Just imagine how much your entire way of eating would change, just one small step at a time.


When it comes to the way you eat, a sustainable, long-lasting approach is the only approach.


By: Justin A. Seedman BS, CPT, CHC

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