How To Upgrade Your Teen’s Lunch

Today we are sharing 5 Easy School Lunch Ideas teens will actually eat. For elementary schoolers, PB&J is often king, but for high school kids, it’s fun to change it up and send them to school with something that will have the other kids asking to share. And as a bonus, these meals are easy […]

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5 Healthy Dinner Ideas

Although breakfast is the most important meal of the day, dinner is equally as important. Often, dinnertime will be the first time of day when your whole family gets to sit down together. So make it a priority. Skip the take-out and make a healthy, home-cooked meal as a family. New research proves that family […]

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5 Healthy Lunch Ideas

When it comes to lunch, most people either get stuck in a lunch-rut (eating the same thing every day) or they eat lunch out. Not only can eating lunch out every day bust the budget, it can also pack on the calories fast. Getting stuck in a rut is not good either, so below I’ve […]

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5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

When you’re a JustinFit client, nutrition is just as important as exercise. If you don’t eat right, then you’re missing half of the equation. Exercise on it’s own will produce results, but exercise coupled with a healthy diet will produce outstanding results.   Everyone already knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the […]

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Fad Diet

The Truth About Fad Diets

Everyone wants a quick fix with some crazy weight loss diet that will get them back to their ideal weight as quickly as possible.  Wanting instant gratification is a common trait that we all share, but unfortunately, fad dieting is not good for your body.   As a mature adult you know in your heart […]

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Snacking 101

 We all know that it’s important to eat often throughout the day, so why don’t more of us do it? Snacking decreases cravings and binges, gives you energy, and helps prevent low blood sugar (a result of waiting too long to eat between meals).   Consider this situation: You are planning to go out shopping […]

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Our Approach to Nutrition Coaching

When most people want to lose weight, they decide to go on a diet. Big mistake. What this usually means is that they completely overhaul their eating habits and change everything all at once. They put themselves on complete restriction and say “no” to everything. You’ve definitely heard it before…”I can’t…I’m on a diet.” Radical […]

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