5 Healthy Lunch Ideas

When it comes to lunch, most people either get stuck in a lunch-rut (eating the same thing every day) or they eat lunch out. Not only can eating lunch out every day bust the budget, it can also pack on the calories fast. Getting stuck in a rut is not good either, so below I’ve shared my 5 Favorite Healthy Lunch Ideas to help combat the boring lunch salad.


Change it up! Try to bring something different every day. Turn leftovers into something new. If you do end up eating out, make sure you check out our post on 10 Tips for Eating Healthy at a Restaurant.


Quick & Easy
Sabra Hummus, Whole Wheat Pita, Cheese Stick, Carrots & Celery

Vegetarian & Vegan
Pita Pizza with real or Daiya cheese (whole wheat pita, tomato sauce, cheese, mushrooms and peppers)

Using Leftovers
Burritos (chop up leftover meat and veggies, add cheese, and roll into multigrain wrap, bake in oven until warm)

Spinach & Arugula tossed with flaked tuna, bell pepper, cucumber, radish, etc. with red wine vinaigrette (olive oil, red wine vinegar, dijon mustard)

Blackened Salmon over Quinoa with Roasted Corn and Fresh Salsa


By: Justin A. Seedman BS, CPT, CHC

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