10 Tips for Eating Healthy at a Restaurant

Let’s face it we all love eating out. However, eating healthy at a restaurant isn’t always easy. Here are our 10 best tips for eating well when eating out.


  1. Say No to Bread or Chips

Don’t even let the server put it on the table.


  1. Skip the Booze

Your body sees alcohol as a toxin, so it works to burn those calories first—meaning that the calories in the food you eat alongside the booze are more likely to be stored as fat. Liquor also makes you eat faster and consume more than you normally would.


  1. Ask for Added Condiments on the Side

You can use them sparingly, if at all. This would include: rich sauces, sour cream, butter, cheese, mayonnaise, and salad dressings.


  1. Look for Key Words when Ordering.

​Avoid the words crispy, fried, or breaded. Look for the words grilled, baked, or broiled.


  1. Avoid Empty Calories from Beverages.  

This includes: soda, beer, wine, sweetened tea, juice, or specialty coffee drinks.


  1. Substitute Higher Fat Choices.

When ordering, substitute vegetables instead of french fries or potatoes. Choose lowfat salad dressings instead of the full-fat version.


  1. Know When to Put the Fork Down

Conscious or mindful eating involves being in tune with your body and recognizing signs of hunger and fullness.


  1. Avoid Desserts

Typically, restaurants have very limited, if any, healthy dessert options. You can always make something healthy at home.


  1. Don’t Arrive Starving

You’ll be more likely to order more food or something you wouldn’t normally eat.


  1. Preview the Menu

By going online and previewing the menu beforehand to know your options, you won’t make a panic decision when ordering.


By: Justin A. Seedman BS, CPT, CHC

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